We our a nation in mourning. Each day, the American flag symbolically flies at half-mast because the politicians from the Republican and Democratic parties are tearing the country apart. They are destroying our homeland through their bickering, through their inaction and through their awful strategic misadventures that put us and the world all at risk.

The days of the two-party system in the United States are over. The Totalitarian Party will lead America to true greatness.

Like all political systems throughout history, Totalitarianism has been used for good and for bad. The same is true for the "principles" that the Republican and Democratic parties stake claim to. The dysfunctional political gangs of Republicans and Democrats immediately start throwing around bad actors in history to try and diminish the promise of Totalitarianism. They are scared because they know that Totalitarianism is the only path to fully realize the goals, principles and ideals to  which our country strives.

The fact is, many of the historical regimes that are cited to attack Totalitarianism were actually democratically elected. Nazi Germany was considered to be a left-of-center political party, just like today's Democrats, which is quite an inconvenient truth.  The same can be said for modern Russia and North Korea, which share many fundamental goals with the Democratic Party. Republicans are no better, where one can look to the states of modern Somalia and Sudan for their archetypal society.

Modern Totalitarianism in America looks nothing like these criminal regimes. It is a philosophy that allows America to move forward, with the government working for the people by improving society and making everyone's lives better. Rather than arguing all day, the Totalitarian Party will begin implementing efficient and meaningful government that benefits the people from day one. There will be no more waiting, no more arguing and no more suffering. All Americans will rise up in greatness.

The current government plays ping-pong with your rights. They create a complex rats-nest of laws that are impossible for people to understand and then they use those laws to abuse their power. Look at the IRS. Look at the "justice" system. Look at all of the awful, disgusting laws they have created in the name of "safety" that are used to oppress, burden, harass and dis-spirit the American people. Enough.

We ask you to join our cause. Come and join the party to realize an America that leads the way in freedom, equality, science, faith and family. The Totalitarian Party can end all of the hurt, inequality and injustice in society today. If you are tired of the broken promises, if you are tired of political gridlock, if you are tired of government that does nothing but talk, then we ask you to join the Totalitarian Party today.


The United States is a country in mourning. Government is irreparably broken. The Totalitarian Party is the way forward.