Our Vision

The Totalitarian Party is the simple, proven and effective way to make the United States the greatest nation state in the world.  Regular citizens vote to elect the Great and Supreme Leader as president, who then governs for the people. It protects freedom, achieves simplicity and guarantees progress where Republicans and Democrats have failed for hundreds of years. It will deliver great joy to all Americans.

Our Platform

A single leader, elected by the people. Jobs for everyone. Free education. Thriving businesses. Equality for all. Safety through global military domination. A clean and protected environment. Unlimited rule-based freedom and liberty for all citizens. A joyous and marvelous place to raise your children and grow old. That's our platform: Complete Global Superiority for America.

Join the Party

It is your patriotic duty to support the Party that will bring peace and prosperity to all citizens. You are an important and vital member of the electorate. 

If you believe in One America, united in purpose,
If you believe in Equality and Justice,
If you believe in a New Society for all Citizens,
If you believe that the old system has failed,

You are called to join. You are called to join, now, the new path forward.

One Party. One United Future. One America.


Our Leader

The Supreme and Greatest Leader is elected by the people and guides the Totalitarian Party on its path to ultimate Victory. As a United States Patriot, the leader works tirelessly for the American People, to bring them joy and happiness. America is the greatest nation-state on the planet, superior in every way to all others.